REC presents RD activities and first REC Peak Energy Series installation in Spain

REC presents R&D activities throughout the solar value chain and the first REC Peak Energy Series installation in Spain at EU PVSEC

REC participated in EU PVSEC, one of the world’s largest exhibitions for the solar industry, from 6th-10th September 2010 in Valencia, Spain. The company participated with a stand at the event considered one of the most important exhibitions for the solar sector and held several presentations.

uring this event REC was recognized with the Solar Industry Award for Module Manufacturing Innovation,”REC is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in module manufacturing innovation. Through vertical integration, we are able to continuously improve module design and quality”, said John Andersen Jr., Executive Vice President, REC Solar and Group Chief Operating Officer. John Andersen Jr. participated in a presentation on September 8th along with Rob Steeman, Vice President, Technology, REC Solar and Åsmund Fodstad, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, REC Solar.

During the presentation, REC introduced the REC Peak Energy Series Black and design improvements on the silicon, wafer, cell and module level. “Our R&D partnerships in Scandinavia, Singapore and the United States, allow REC to work on cutting edge projects that will also allow us to diversify our product offering”, said Rob Steeman, Vice President, Technology, REC Solar. The large potential for silicon PV due to improved crystals, lower cost sawing, and new materials, tools and processes that deliver high efficiency at low cost were highlighted.

The first REC Peak Energy installation in Spain was also presented. This 320 kW rooftop installation is on an Andojam warehouse and includes 1580 modules. Alvarez Beltran, a distributor of electrical equipment recently completed the installation. “Spain is still a hub for REC. As a long term player we will continue to support our partners here”, said Åsmund Fodstad, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, REC Solar.

Committed to innovation, REC has more than 200 patents pending or granted. The European Solar Test Installation confirmed that REC set a new world record by producing wafers for the world’s first multicrystalline solar panels with 17 percent efficiency in collaboration with the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands. REC has an industry leading energy payback time of one year. This is the time it takes for a module to produce the energy used during the production process. REC’s proprietary Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) process used in the silicon manufacturing process reduces the amount of energy required to produce solar grade silicon by 80 to 90 percent.

Additional details on REC’s R&D activities and manufacturing processes will be announced during the grand opening of REC’s Singapore manufacturing facility in November 2010. The facility is one of the largest integrated solar production sites.

For further information, please contact:
Åsmund Fodstad, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, REC; +47 95 42 30 70