High Performing REC Peak Energy Modules Certified for the UK Market

The REC Peak Energy Series Module was awarded the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate from the United Kingdom’s British Board of Agrément.

Sandvika, March 2, 2011: The authority grants approval for construction products, systems and installers. This certification recognizes that REC Peak Energy Panels meet the requirements for solar projects under the Renewables Cash-Back-Scheme and can be sold on the UK market. The Cash-Back-Scheme began in April and pays homeowners and communities that produce renewable energy for the power they generate. Solar projects must use MCS certified panels that are installed by MCS accredited installers in order to qualify for the funding.

"We are pleased that the quality and high performance of REC Peak Energy Modules was recognized by MCS certifiers. This certificate will allow us to grow our business in the UK and allow our customers to benefit from the Renewables Cash-Back-Scheme", said Jan Jacob Boom-Wichers, Managing Director, France, Benelux, UK and Ireland, REC Solar. REC is uniquely positioned in the solar industry with full integration of the entire PV value chain from polysilicon to modules. REC is expanding their distribution network in the promising UK market.

The REC Peak Energy Series was nominated for the Intersolar Award winning the Solar Industry Award for Module Manufacturing Innovation in 2010. REC solar modules consistently outperformed other leading modules in independent Photon Field Performance tests producing more electricity than other leading brands. REC plans to increase module production four-fold to 800 MW by 2012. Already a leading producer of silicon and wafers, REC is positioned to become a key player in modules aspiring to a top ten position.

For more information please contact: Jan Jacob Boom-Wichers, Managing Director, France, Benelux, UK, Ireland, +33 6 85 72 54 42