REC announces 250W modules and results proving leading product performance in real world conditions

REC today announced certification for 260 Watt modules and production of 250 Watt modules, survey results and test installations developed to measure product performance in real world conditions, as well as a first place position in the first three months of the 2011 Photon Field Performance Test.

Sandvika, Norway, June 8, 2011: REC solar modules were ranked first during the first three months of a year-long comparative quality study by the leading trade magazine Photon after placing second for the year in 2010. “REC’s focus on delivering high performing solar solutions has allowed us to secure a leading position in the Photon Field Performance Test”, said Anders Søreng, Vice President, Technology, Cells and Modules, REC Solar.

A recent survey of 581 REC distributors and project developers showed that satisfaction with the REC module has increased over the last three years with those surveyed giving the REC module a 5 on a scale of 6 for reliability, power output and customer satisfaction. “REC is proactively engaging in surveys, testing and certification to provide evidence of the strong performance of our products to assist customers in making an educated module selection”, said John Harald Grønningen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cells and Modules, REC Solar.

Already producing 250W modules which are now available for purchase, REC is one of a few suppliers certified by TUV to produce 260W modules. REC also received certification for ammonia resistance from TUV, which measures how modules will perform in agricultural environments by simulating exposure to the substance in areas with livestock. REC modules successfully performed throughout the test which measures how modules operate in agricultural locations for up to twenty years where module degradation can impact power output. The REC Peak Energy Series Module was also recently entered in the TUV Rheinland Energy Yield Measurement Test for 2011.

REC is engaged in long-term outdoor module performance testing with the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) which operates a specialized testing facility to test modules in harsh tropical climates including high temperatures and humidity. “SERIS brings together the best minds in solar technology to work with REC to deliver world class testing and research and development to support a sustainable energy supply”, said Professor Joachim Luther, Chief Executive Officer, SERIS. The test sites will measure how exposure in harsh climates impact performance to help REC to further improve product performance.
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John Harald Grønningen
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Cells & Modules, REC Solar
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