REC guarantees more power output and investment security with new linear warranty for solar modules

REC announces an improved 25 year linear power output and 10 year material and workmanship product warranty guaranteeing customers 5.6 percent more power output.

Each REC module is now guaranteed to provide at least 97 percent effective output during the first year of operation, providing customers with the security needed when investing in a solar energy system. This is an improvement in comparison to the previous warranty, which guaranteed only 90 percent performance. The maximum decline is now 0.7 percent each year, providing a minimum performance level of 80.2 percent by the end of the 25th year of operation. The material and workmanship warranty is almost doubled from 63 months to 10 full years.

“We stand behind our new warranty thanks to the high quality of our products and control of the complete solar value chain. We are committed to offering customers high performance solar modules with a long-term value”, said Luc GrarĂ©, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cells and Modules, REC Solar. The decision to further improve warranty conditions was made following extensive evaluation. In order to ensure that REC customers have even more power than they have paid for, REC will continue to sort modules by plus five watts. The new linear and workmanship warranty applies to modules sold as of September 1, 2011.

For further information, please contact:
Heather Pace Clark
Marketing Public Relations Specialist
REC Solar

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