Key facts and figures

REC Silicon’s products help energy and technology providers shape the future via a comprehensive selection of solar and electronic grade polysilicon and silicon gases. Our trademark Signature Silane® gas (SiH4) and advanced operational techniques enable production of the highest purity silicon materials in the world. Expertise gained from over 30 years of solution-oriented silicon materials manufacturing and global support helps enhance customer satisfaction.


Our specialized silicon materials are strategic for key global markets and enable advances in technologies where there is little room for error. REC Silicon is:

  • The largest manufacturer and supplier of silane gas (SiH4) and provider of other silicon gases for production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, and many solar cells technologies.
  • One of the world’s largest producers of polysilicon for the photovoltaic (PV) industry.
  • One of the largest producer of ultra-pure FZ polysilicon for the electronics industry. FZ-based devices are used in power and conversion processes for hybrid and electric vehicles, wind energy, high voltage transmission, and other markets that can benefit from power device performance.
  • The largest producer of granular polysilicon for solar applications.


Headquartered in Fornebu, Norway, REC Silicon has U.S. based manufacturing facilities and a global sales and support structure.

 Silicon production facilities:     

 Sales offices:

  • Moses Lake, Washington - USA
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Shanghai, China PC
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Tokyo, Japan

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