Silicon Production

REC Silicon is a leading global player in the production of high purity silicon materials, with over 30 years of silane gas and polysilicon manufacturing experience. 

At two U.S. based manufacturing facilties, REC Silicon produces solar grade polysilicon at our Moses Lake, WA facility, and  electronic grade polysilicon and silicon gas at our Butte, MT facility. These products are raw materials for the international solar and electronic industries such as solar panels, smart devices, flat panel displays, laptops, and even hybrid electric vehicles.

Advancing silicon materials

REC Silicon's trademarked Signature Silane™ gas (SiH4) and advanced operational techniques enable production of the highest purity silicon materials in the world.

Our engagement in traditional Siemens manufacturing practices, while also manufacturing from an efficient Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology for granular polysilicon, allows us to achieve low manufacturing costs. Increased capacity and production growth, coupled with proprietary technologies, ISO certification and strategic supplier relationships, help customers – both direct and downstream – set their next wave of innovation in motion.