Moses Lake, Washington USA

REC Silicon is one of Grant County, Washington's largest private employers.

Originally constructed in 1984, the Moses Lake manufacturing facility has grown in capacity from one silane unit and one Siemens technology production line to three silane units and home to one of the largest granular polysilicon production plants in the world.


Products dedicated to solar market:

With safety always at the forefront, REC Silicon continuously pursues reduced operational costs while improving product value and environmental footprint. Sustainability is not only integral to the way REC Silicon does business, but how it acknowledges responsibility to stakeholders and the communities where they are deeply rooted.

More information about this can be found in the Sustainability Sections of the Annual Reports.

For more information about the Moses Lake and greater Grant County community, please go to  Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce and Grant County Economic Development Council. Also, read more here on Moses Lake School District