Whistleblower Reporting System

REC Silicon is committed to doing business the right way, every time. We each have a role in maintaining the highest integrity. We each have an obligation to do the right thing and report wrongdoing when it occurs. Please see our committment to human rights, business ethics and personal integrity in our Code of Conduct.

Welcome to REC Silicon's confidential reporting system. We want to thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. REC values our employees and those we do business with and wants everyone to feel they have a place where they can raise concerns (even anonymously) that will be reviewed by management.

This service is provided through IntegrityCounts, a reporting system administered by WhistleBlower Security Inc., an independent company.

The Whistleblower Program is a safe, confidential way to communicate your concerns if you feel your voice is not being heard, or you don't feel comfortable raising an issue with your supervisor or leader.