Shareholder policy

Transparency and equal treatment

As an international company with shareholders from many countries, REC Silicon will put particular emphasis on informing all investors and analysts with the same information at the same time. All press releases and news are published in English only. REC Silicon will make quarterly earnings presentations available as webcasts or Powerpoint presentations in real time.

REC Silicon will submit quarterly and annual financial reports as well as any interim information of significance for assessing the Company’s value. This information will also be made available in this website.

REC Silicon will only have one class of shares with each share giving the right to one vote at the General Assembly. There will be no other limitations to trading of shares, other than statutory Insider Trading for employee’s and Board members. The General Assembly will be open for all shareholders and any shareholder not attending the General Assembly will be given the opportunity to vote by proxy.

For more information, please read REC Silicon's Annual Report for 2017.