REC ASA - Result of management offering

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H�vik, 27 April 2006: Reference is given to press release of 21 April 2006 with respect to the Global Offering of 73,000,000 new shares and 1,600,000 secondary shares in Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC) in connection with the listing of REC on Oslo B�rs, as well as the Prospectus of even date prepared in this regard.
Pursuant to the terms of the Global Offering as set forth in the Prospectus, a part of the offering, the Management Offering, is directed at the members of the executive management of REC. The maximum amount per applicant in the Management Offering was NOK 5,000,000. The application period in the Management Offering have now ended, with the following applications as a result:
Management member:   Position:  
 Amount (NOK): 
Erik Sauar SVP-Chief Technology Officer    5,000,000
Bj�rn Brenna  Executive VP-Finance and Adm.  5,000,000
Thor Christian Tuv Executive VP-REC Solar          5,000,000
John Andersen  Executive VP-REC ScanWafer        5,000,000
Sv�naug Bergland  Senior and  1,000,000

The members of the executive management applying for shares in the Management Offering will pursuant to the terms of the offering receive full allocation for applications up to an amount of NOK 5,000,000 (rounded down to nearest round lot).
The application and order periods for the Retail Offering, the Institutional Offering and the Employee Offering will continue as described in the Prospectus.
For further information, please contact:
Erik Thorsen, CEO
+47 90756685