REC ASA - Moses Lake "Plant III" start-up schedule

Sandvika, February 9, 2009: The weld repair work announced on December 15, 2008 will be completed early this week. The extent of repairs was almost double of what was projected, and have consequently taken much longer than expected.
Following the completion of the repairs, a final process of systems checks and start-up procedures will be initiated, before the plant is expected to start commercial production in the second half of March. This revised start-up schedule should have limited negative effect on the production level further downstream in REC in the first quarter as long as external sourcing of polysilicon continues successfully. 
"As previously stated, start-up and ramp-up of a large chemical plant is a complex task, and some interruptions should be expected in an early phase. We hope, however, that our extensive testing and preparations will reduce this risk to some extent", says Erik Thorsen, President & CEO.   
Despite the delayed start-up, and based on a smooth ramp-up of the new plant, total targeted production for 2009 should end in the range of 10,000 - 11,000 MT.
An update will be given when the company presents its interim results for the fourth quarter 2008 on February 18, 2008.
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