Electronic Grade Polysilicon

Our Silicon business provides a wide variety of silicon form factors including as-grown Siemens rods, rod segments, chunks, chips and fines. We have over 30 years of polysilicon manufacturing expertise.

We are different in that we utilize silane gas as the precursor material for polysilicon manufacturing.  This enables us to have a closed-loop process that can result in reduced cost and significantly reduces environmental impact. It also enables us to produce the highest quality polysilicon in the world.

Czochralski (CZ) Polysilicon

REC provides various types of electronic grade polysilicon including TearDrop™, as-grown Siemens rods, rod sections, chunks and chips for use in CZ monocrystalline ingot/wafer manufacturing for the semiconductor industry as well as other electronic market segments such as optics and MEMS.

Float Zone (FZ) Polysilicon

REC Silicon is one of the world’s leading providers of float zone polysilicon. Facilitated by our silane based Siemens process, our ability and reputation for consistently providing the highest quality float zone polysilicon is unsurpassed.

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