Czochralski (CZ) Polysilicon

Electronic grade polysilicon, including as-grown Siemens rods, rod sections, chunks and chips are principally used in Czochralski (CZ) monocrystalline ingot/wafer manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. Additional applications include other electronic market segments such as optics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

All of our product finishing and packaging is done in a cleanroom environment with the greatest expertise and care to prevent product contamination. All products are double bagged for clean room use.


Prime as-grown CZ rods

  • Size: 105-120mm diameter.
  • Surface metals-free CZ rods for processing into rod sections or chunk polysilicon.
  • Highest bulk purity and lowest surface metals of any EG polysilicon on the market.

Large initial charge CZ rod sections

  • Size: 110-290mm long
  • Rod sections for loading CZ crucibles are etched to remove surface contamination from sawing operations.
  • Highest purity bulk material >1,500ohm-cm resistivity, very low C and O.
  • Used to increase overall charge weight and improve ingot quality.

Prime metals-free CZ chunks

  • Size: 30-100mm, no chips/fines <30mm loaded into bags.
  • Surface morphology 1-4.
  • Manually broken prime CZ chunk with the lowest surface metals and industry-leading bulk silicon purity.

Prime metals-free CZ chunks 6

  • Size: 30-100mm, surface morphology 5-6.
  • Manually broken prime CZ.

Prime mechanically-crushed CZ chunks

  • Size: 30-100mm.
  • Excellent surface metals and bulk material characteristics.
  • No chips/fines <30mm loaded into bags.

Grade 2 mechanically-crushed CZ chunks

  • Size: 30-100mm.
  • Grown for less stringent semi wafer applications such as discrete devices and low-to-medium scale integrated circuits.

Etched Prime CZ chips

  • Two size ranges: 3-8mm and 8-15mm.
  • Etched to remove trace surface metal contamination.

TearDrop™ polysilicon

TearDrop™ is a specialty prime CZ product used exclusively for crucible top-off and continuous recharge operations. Using TearDrop lowers ingot costs by allowing a heavier initial charge weight. Due to its uniform size and shape it is ideally suited for recharging the crucible during the pulling process, allowing more ingots to be pulled than if only the initial charge of polysilicon was used.

  • As-grown TearDrop CZ rods (1,200-2,000mm long) are for crucible top-off and recharge.
  • As-grown TearDrop CZ rod sections (500-1,199mm long).
  • Metals-free TearDrop Chips
  • “RTU” form of TearDrop polysilicon, Tears removed from core section of rod
  • Metals-free TearDrop Cores
  • 45mm Core section from TearDrop As-grown rods

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