Silicon Gases

REC Silicon continues to maintain its unique position as the world’s largest producer of silane gas. Silane is the principal material used in the production of polysilicon and is an essential material for thin film PV, semiconductors and LCD display manufacturing. REC Silicon also has the world’s largest silane gas ISO module container fleet and is a world leader in other silicon gases - dichlorosilane (DCS), monochlorosilane (MCS), disilane and polysilanes.

REC Silicon has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, handling, packaging, and transporting silicon gases and materials. Our high-purity silane, large manufacturing capacity, bulk delivery system, global distribution network and safe handling expertise all provide significant advances for customers seeking improved performance and cost.

The patented, closed-loop silane manufacturing process used by REC Silicon produces consistent, ultra pure silane by conversion of metallurgical grade silicon into trichlorosilane and redistribution/ distillation to silane. The continuous-flow process recycles all hydrogen and chloride materials back to the initial reactors, while continuous distillation steps purify the gas. The entire process is a low waste, low impact and environmentally friendly procedure.

Our silicon gases products can be classified as follows:

  • Silane (SiH4)
  • Dichlorosilane (SiCl2H2)
  • Monochlorosilane (SiH3Cl)
  • Disilane (Si2H6)

Please contact your REC  sales representative about which products are right for your needs by filling in the contact form.