Form Factors & Packages

All of our product finishing and packaging is done in a cleanroom environment with the greatest expertise and care to prevent product contamination.

Products are packaged in virgin polyethylene qualified for semiconductor use.  We provide products in a variety of packages including crates, palletized boxes and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs).

Granular Polysilicon and the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container

REC Silicon's granular polysilicon products have two advantages compared to other polysilicon products: 1) they can flow and 2) they are packaged in flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs). These benefits provide for optimized logistics and cost savings for the end-user.

A single FIBC can fill between 2 and 24 crucibles, depending on load size, via an automated off-load with almost no handling whatsoever. No more unpacking countless barrels, boxes and bags or painstakingly fitting pieces of silicon into a crucible like a puzzle. Get the same maximized weight fill every time by pulling a lever.

Flexible intermediate bulk container - 1,200KG