NextSi Granular Polysilicon

REC Silicon has commercialized Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology to produce Granular polysilicon on a wide- scale basis, and is now one of the world’s largest producers of this kind of polysilicon, which is marketed as NextSi™.

FBR technology offers significant benefits to the end-user that enable increased throughput, decreased cost and increased profit in the PV ingot manufacturing process. The word “Granular” is a reference to the size and geometry of the polysilicon material. This form factor offers several advantages over traditional Siemens chunk polysilicon.

Studies have shown that blending FBR Granular Polysilicon and Siemens Chunk can increase the efficiency of PV ingot manufacturing. Download our NextSi datasheet here.

Blending granular and chunk polysilicon will:

  • Increase the initial crucible polysilicon charge weight
  • Reduce crucible load time

Process Efficiency

NextSi Granular polysilicon enhances the efficiency of the PV ingot manufacturing process by increasing the amount of yieldable ingot that can be harvested during a production cycle thereby increasing throughput, reducing production cost and increasing profit.

Bulk Packaging

NextSi is packaged in 1,200 kg Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs). FIBCs require less handling and are easier to unpack than traditional packages thereby reducing handling costs. FIBCs produce less waste than traditional packages.

Automation Potential

Granular polysilicon is a flowable material. End-users can take advantage of process automation opportunities such as automated material transport, crucible loading, top-off and recharge.

Quantified Benefits of Blending Chunk and NextSi

PV ingot manufacturers can increase initial crucible load weights by as much as 29.3% while reducing loading time by 41.0%. Furthermore, the use of NextSi Granular at the plant scale can increase the total yieldable ingot produced per year by several hundred tons while reducing consumables cost by several million dollars and providing other benefits.

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