Renewable Energy Corporation


Siemens Polysilicon

High purity polysilicon for the electronics industry.

REC Silicon's Siemens process is based on the decomposition of silane resulting in the ultra-pure deposition of elemental silicon and the production of a hydrogen byproduct which is fully recycled.  This decomposition and deposition takes place on a heated silicon rod placed inside of a Siemens reactor.  To preferentially grow silicon on the heated rod, the walls and surfaces of the reactor are cooled.

REC Silicon’s poly silicon rods are the highest purity available in industry.  This high purity Siemens product is ideal for Float Zone, tear drop, other high-value high-purity silicon, and new emerging applications.

REC Silicon continues to advance this Siemens process capability to meet new market and customer needs with larger diameter, higher purity, and lower cost FZ products through innovative reactor designs and technology improvements.

The Siemens technology group is leveraging its strong fundamental understanding to address customer issues and is dedicated to assure our next generation products meet the volume and quality required for their product development roadmaps and new production tools. REC Silicon believes close cooperation and meeting specific customer needs results in partnerships that benefit both supplier and customer. REC Silicon believes good communications and success in meeting specific customer needs results in partnerships that benefit both vendor and customer.

Granular Polysilicon

Focused on innovating for value in solar technology.

REC Silicon deploys significant resources into developing and industrializing technical and process innovations across the solar energy value chain. We have introduced a series of innovations to the solar industry, and continues to build on an IPR portfolio of 40 issued or granted patents in various geographies and an additional 84 pending patent applications in various geographies and at various stages of their respective examinations.

Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology

A major achievement in our commitment to reducing cost by innovation is REC Silicon's proprietary deposition technology - FBR. This technology produces solar grade polysilicon at significantly lower cost than the traditional Siemens process. The energy savings in the silicon refining process can be up to 80-90 percent. We are now in high-volume production of granular polysilicon using the FBR technology at our Moses Lake plant in Washington, USA. Read more.

Silicon Gases

´╗┐Ultra-pure silicon gases for electronic and solar manufacturing´╗┐

REC Silicon is committed to developing ultra high quality silicon bearing gases and liquids targeted at semiconductor, display, lighting and solar applications.  Applications which are moving to 10 nm line width and stacked features in the Z direction  enabling extreme device performance in ever smaller and more energy efficient packages.

REC Silicon has answered these demands with a high performance class of silicon bearing gases and liquids leveraging our success with our market leading high purity VLSI grade monosilane.  These silicon derivatives are derived from building blocks formed from our VLSI Silane manufacturing process as well as advancements in understanding of material properties, applications and packaging.  The derivatives are manufactured using proprietary reaction, purification and packaging techniques leveraging our successes as an innovative monosilane manufacturer.

Quality is one of our hallmarks with acceptor/donor and metals measured in parts per trillion.  Our current offerings include Mono Silane, Disilane and Chlorosilanes MCS and DCS with future offerings of polysilanes and poly chlorosilanes.  These high value molecules coupled with REC Silicon knowledge provide significant benefits to our customers in terms of performance and value.  REC Silicon’s spectrum of gaseous and liquid silicon molecules are manufactured in processes where RBS (REC Business System) is employed.  RBS is a set of methods based on the Toyota Way forming the foundation positioning REC Silicon as a World Class manufacturer.