Research & Development

REC Silicon deploys significant resources to develop and industrialize technology and process innovations for the Solar and Electronics industries.

REC Silicon has introduced a series of innovations to the industry and is continuing to build on a strong IPR portfolio of 40 issued or granted patents in various geographies and an additional 84 pending patent applications in various geographies and at various stages of their respective examinations. Key patents and applications cover:

  • Production technologies for silicon in fluidized bed and Siemens reactors
  • Crystallization technology


The technology team at REC Silicon works on further exploitation of the unique advantages of the fluidized bed reactor (FBR) technology.  Our FBR process, which is in full scale commercial operation, saves energy by growing silicon beads in temperature-balanced conditions. It is a large improvement over the previous industry-standard Siemens process, where silicon seed rods are superheated inside a solidification chamber with cooled walls. The temperature imbalance in the Siemens process inherently results in higher energy consumption per unit of silicon produced. The FBR process is also more productive because it creates polysilicon in the form of beads that provide a larger surface area for growing silicon than the rod-based Siemens process.

Technology centers

To continue the drive for innovative technology development for both existing and planned facilities, REC Silicon operates technology centers for Silane gas, silane gas derivatives and polysilicon technology in Moses Lake, Washington and Butte, Montana, USA.